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Managing Editor and Executive Producer

Lynda Goldman's career as a reporter began while still a journalism student at Temple University's School of Communications from 1967-1970 writing a weekly column for a Philadelphia-based African-American newspaper. In 1969 she reported to the Philadelphia Jewish Exponent as a special correspondent from the Middle East. After graduating from Temple University, she joined the editorial staff of the Exponent and served as a staff reporter and a features' editor.

In 1977 she moved to Israel and began her career as a foreign correspondent for the San Francisco Examiner. A year later she teamed up with Westinghouse's Middle East Bureau Chief Jay Bushinsky to produce TV news and features for INN. By 1980, after Bushinsky became CNN's first Jerusalem bureau chief, she joined him as CNN's field and line producer until 1984. At the same time she was the Middle East correspondent for the Atlanta Journal & Constitution.

In 1985, she moved back to U.S. and wrote for several magazines including "Lifestyles" and "People Magazine". In 1991, she returned to the Middle East to cover the Gulf War for the U.S. Army's "Stars and Stripes". In 1993, she became executive producer of Media Associates, Ltd., and then Media Group International. Since then, she has produced, directed and written hundreds of news stories, features, documentaries and special programs for dozens of TV stations worldwide including Global TV in Canada; Fox News Washington; WNYW-Channel 5, New York; Fox Philadelphia; KCBS-TV, Los Angeles; Israel TV, METV (Middle East Television); CNBC, Geraldo Rivera, APTN's "Roving Report", Hard Copy, Extra, Inside Edition, and Christian stations throughout the world. Some of the features she produced include a special report from Lebanon entitled "The Hizbollah"; "Hamas and the Islamic Jihad"; "The Iraqi Opposition to Saddam Hussein"; "The Bible Land Minutes"; "Middle East Milestones"; and an investigative report "Who Killed Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin?".

In 2001, Ms. Goldman served as executive producer, writer and producer of MGI's internationally acclaimed investigative documentary film, "Alois Brunner: The Last Nazi".

Her professional awards include a Hearst Foundation first prize for editorial writing and a Hearst Foundation news writing award.

Ms. Goldman is co-founder of the "Philadelphia Holocaust Film Series", an annual program sponsored by the Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors Association that educates the public about the Holocaust through screenings of feature and documentary films in Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey.

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