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Will there be Peace in the Middle East?
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Alan Gross had long career in foreign aid

Family calls his release, amid Cuba-US detente, a ‘Hanukkah miracle’

The Times of Israel
December 17, 2014

This photo courtesy of the office of US Senator Jeff Flake's(R-AZ) Twitter account, shows Alan Gross and his wife Judith before departing from Cuba on December 17, 2014. (photo credit: AFP PHOTO/JEFF FLAKE/HANDOUT)

Alan Gross, 65, who spent five years in a Cuban prison, has had a long career in foreign aid and international development.

He was working in Cuba as a subcontractor for the US Agency for International Development when he was arrested in Havana in December 2009.

Initially accused of espionage, Gross was tried in 2011 and sentenced to 15 years behind bars for committing “acts against the independence and territorial integrity” of Cuba.

Palestinians, Israeli dispute results of PA official’s autopsy

By Times of Israel Staff
The Times of Israel
December 11, 2014

Top Fatah member says Ziad Abu Ein died after being struck by IDF, while Israeli source says he may have had heart attack; clashes break out in Hebron ahead of funeral

ImageA border policeman grabs Palestinian official Ziad Abu Ein (L) during a demonstration in the West Bank on Wednesday, December 10, 2014 (photo credit: AFP/ABBAS MOMANI)

A top member of the Fatah leadership said Thursday that the autopsy of a senior Palestinian official showed he died after being struck and inhaling tear gas during a clash with Israeli forces a day earlier.

An Israeli medical source familiar with the autopsy results disputed the claim, however, and said Ziad Abu Ein died from a heart attack brought on by stress during the confrontation.

Hussein al-Sheikh, a former Palestinian minister, said Jordanian and Palestinian doctors conducting an autopsy on Abu Ein, 55, determined that he had been physically assaulted by an IDF soldier, and later died as a result, Reuters reported.

Man screaming ‘I want to kill the Jews!’

By Erik Badia , Joe Stepansky , Rocco Parascandola , Thomas Tracy and Corky Siemaszko
New York Daily News
December 9, 2014

Shot dead by cops in Brooklyn after stabbing student in the face at Chabad-Lubavitch headquarters in Brooklyn

officers swarmed Chabad-Lubavitch in Crown Heights after Israeli student Levi Rosenblatt, 22, was stabbed during prayer early Tuesday. Police fatally shot 49-year-old Calvin Peters after a tense confrontation. Rosenblatt's condition was critical with bleeding on the brain, police and sources said.

A deranged man screaming “I want to kill the Jews!” invaded Lubavitcher headquarters in Brooklyn early Tuesday and stabbed a yeshiva student in the head before he was shot to death by police.

Levi Rosenblatt was praying when Calvin Peters barged inside, whipped out a knife with a 5-inch blade and attacked him, witnesses said.

“Levi had his hands up, trying to block the individual with his arms,” Mendy Notik, 22, said. “He was saying, ‘I will kill you.’ And after Levi, he went towards another young student and he said, ‘I will kill the Jews!’”

Knesset votes to dissolve, sets new elections for March 17

By Times of Israel staff
The Times of Israel
December 8, 2014

With 93 in favor and none opposed, Israeli lawmakers scrap 19th Knesset, formally putting end to fractious coalition

Members of Israel’s 19th Knesset voted overwhelmingly in favor of a bill to dissolve the parliament, officially putting an end to the current government and paving the way for new elections in March.

With 93 for and none against, Israeli lawmakers pushed through second and third readings of the bill to close the chapter on Israel’s 33rd government.

The Knesset passed a preliminary reading of the bill last Wednesday, two days after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sacked his coalition partners ministers Yair Lapid, head of Yesh Atid, and Tzipi Livni, leader of the Hatnua party, in the opening shot of the run-up to the March 17 vote.

Ahead of the vote Monday, Lapid warned Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that he would not win a new term.

Britain Unveils World's "Toughest" Counter-Terrorism Law

By Soeren Kern
Gatestone Institute
December 7, 2014

The government argues that the new powers—intended to prevent British jihadists from fighting abroad and to stop them from returning if they do—are necessary to keep Britain safe.

Civil liberties groups counter that the measures are "draconian" in scope and represent a dramatic expansion of government surveillance powers, ones that are ripe for misuse if they are not matched by strong safeguards.

A key provision of the new law would authorize the government to seize the passports of terror suspects traveling to Iraq, Syria and other jihadist battlegrounds.

The British government has unveiled sweeping new counter-terrorism measures which—if approved by Parliament—would give the United Kingdom some of the "toughest powers in the world" to fight Islamic terrorism.

Poll: One-state solution to conflict finds rising support in US

By Ilan Ben Zion and Ricky Ben-David
The Times of Israel
December 6, 2014

71% of respondents encourage bi-national state if two states not possible; more Americans tacitly back Palestinian statehood bid at UN

ImageA growing number of Americans back the idea of a one-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and over two-thirds of those surveyed in a recent poll published Friday by the Brookings Institution said they would call for a single democratic state should a two-state solution prove unviable.

According to the findings of the survey, the percentage of those polled who want Washington to advocate a single bi-national state with equal citizenship for Jews and Arabs has risen from 24 percent to 34%. The poll was conducted online in November 2014 by Shibley Telhami, the Anwar Sadat Professor for Peace and Development at the University of Maryland. The authors did not specify over what time period that 10 point hike took place.

Of the 1,008 American respondents, 71% said that if a two-state solution fails, they favor a bi-national democratic state over a Jewish state which deprives Palestinians of citizenship. Only 24% of respondents said they “favor the Jewishness of Israel more than its democracy.”
Former finance minister Yair Lapid with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. (Photo credit: Flash90)

The Netanyahu-led coalition collapsed this week in part because of tensions over a draft bill proposing legislation enshrining Israel’s identity as a Jewish state.

Turkish Hospitality For Arab Terrorism

By Burak Bekdil
Gatestone Institiute
December 6, 2014

Erdogan deliberately overlooked a significant difference between Hamas and Turkey's Islamist parties: Hamas specifically advocates violence, while Turkish parties operate within democratic politics.

Hamas is coordinating its efforts in the West Bank with logistical support from a command center in Istanbul.

In 2004, Turkish President (then Prime Minister) Recep Tayyip Erdogan labelled Israel "a terrorist state." Two years later, he hosted Khaled Mashaal, Hamas's leader. Alluding to Turkey's experience with Islamist parties, including his own, coming to power through elections, Erdogan said: "The choice of the people (at the ballot box) should be respected." Erdogan, citing Hamas's election victory in Gaza, apparently wanted to legitimize Hamas and terrorism.

However, he deliberately overlooked a significant difference between Hamas and Turkey's Islamist parties: Hamas specifically advocates violence, while Turkish parties operate within democratic politics.

ISIS in Gaza

By Khaled Abu Toameh
Gatestone Institute
December 5, 2014

When One Radical Group Believes Another Is Not Radical Enough

Now almost everyone is talking about the Islamic State threats in Gaza against poets, writers and women. The leaflets mention the poets and writers by name — a move that has created panic. The leaflets also include an ultimatum to Palestinian women to abide by Islamic attire or face the Islamic State style of punishment — presumably being stoned to death.

Of course, all this is taking place while Hamas continues to insist that that the Islamic State is not operating in Gaza. Those who are taking the threats seriously are the writers and women whose names appeared in the leaflets.

Islamic State flags can already be seen at football stadiums, on windshields of vehicles, mosques, educational centers and wedding invitations.

Alois Brunner:The Last Nazi

Alois Brunner: The Last Nazi tells the story of ImageAlois Brunner, the notorious Nazi war criminal who was believed to be alive and living in Syria is now believed dead. He was responsible for the murder of 128,000 innocent men, women and children The films reveals how Brunner escaped justice, who protected him and why.

This award winning film can be purchased CLICK ON BUY DVD'S

Eichmann's Best Man Lived and Died in Syria

By Adam Chandler
The Atlantic
December 1, 2014

The reported death of Nazi war criminal Alois Brunner, Adolf Eichmann's unrepentant "right-hand man," reminds us how he lived a long consequence-free life.

Nazi hunter Serge Klarsfeld shows the German magazine Bunte which features a story on Nazi war criminal Alois Brunner in 1985. (Michel Lipchitz/AP)

Over the weekend, the death of Alois Brunner, the world's most wanted Nazi, was all but confirmed by the Simon Wiesenthal Center. Brunner, who was the top aide to "Final Solution" architect Adolf Eichmann, is thought to have died four years ago in Syria, where he lived for decades after sending nearly 130,000 Jews to Nazi death camps during World War II.

Though the death was first suspected nearly four years ago, the ongoing Syrian civil war made independent confirmation impossible. Brunner would have turned 102 two years old on Monday.

Why a Palestinian State Will Become a Source of Instability

By Khaled Abu Toameh
Gatestone Institute
December 1, 2014

This is precisely what Egypt and the Arab counties want: to turn the Gaza Strip into an Israeli, and not an Arab, problem.

There is good reason to believe that the Arabs are not going to change their attitudes toward the Palestinians once a Palestinian state is established. The future Palestinian state will have to continue relying on Israeli and Western aid in order to survive.

ImageAnd if Israel and the West do not come to their assistance, the Palestinians will find themselves begging at the doorsteps of Iran, the Muslim Brotherhood and the Islamic State. Then, the Palestinian state will be anything but a source of stability in the Middle East.

The Palestinians know very well that if and when they have a state of their own, they will never be able to rely on their Arab brethren.

The Arab countries have a long record of turning their backs on the Palestinians, not only with regard to financial aid promises, but even when it comes to basic needs such as medical treatment.

But what will happen after the creation of a Palestinian state? Palestinians say they do not have high expectations that the Arab countries will help them build their state.

What the Media Gets Wrong About Israel

By Matti Friedman
The Atlantic
November 30 2014

ImageThe news tells us less about Israel than about the people writing the news, a former AP reporter says.
A Reuters truck drives through a bombed refugee camp in Gaza. (Yannis Behrakis/Reuters)

During the Gaza war this summer, it became clear that one of the most important aspects of the media-saturated conflict between Jews and Arabs is also the least covered: the press itself. The Western press has become less an observer of this conflict than an actor in it, a role with consequences for the millions of people trying to comprehend current events, including policymakers who depend on journalistic accounts to understand a region where they consistently seek, and fail, to productively intervene.

An essay I wrote for Tablet on this topic in the aftermath of the war sparked intense interest. In the article, based on my experiences between 2006 and 2011 as a reporter and editor in the Jerusalem bureau of the Associated Press, one of the world’s largest news organizations, I pointed out the existence of a problem and discussed it in broad terms. Using staffing numbers, I illustrated the disproportionate media attention devoted to this conflict relative to other stories, and gave examples of editorial decisions that appeared to be driven by ideological considerations rather than journalistic ones. I suggested that the cumulative effect has been to create a grossly oversimplified story—a kind of modern morality play in which the Jews of Israel are displayed more than any other people on earth as examples of moral failure. This is a thought pattern with deep roots in Western civilization.

But how precisely does this thought pattern manifest itself in the day-to-day functioning, or malfunctioning, of the press corps? To answer this question, I want to explore the way Western press coverage is shaped by unique circumstances here in Israel and also by flaws affecting the media beyond the confines of this conflict. In doing so, I will draw on my own experiences and those of colleagues. These are obviously limited and yet, I believe, representative.


By Sarah Honig
The Jerusalem Post
November 28, 2014

ImageSir Alexander Cadogan: “the killing of Jews now transcends all other considerations.”

The 67th anniversary tomorrow of the UN General Assembly’s Partition Resolution is intrinsically relevant to the recent decisions by several European parliaments and Sweden’s new leftwing government to recognize a State of Palestine. The UN Resolution of November 29, 1947 underscores the bias and hubris of the international community’s preachers-cum-omniscients.

Stockholm’s world-affairs neophytes – newly-elected Prime Minister Stefan Lofven and his foreign minister Margot Wallström – have ostensibly taken it upon themselves to educate us Israelis about our existential predicaments. It’s a safe bet they don’t care to know about pivotal UN Resolution 181.

We could regard their move as a self-serving attempt to curry favor with Sweden’s growing Muslim electorate. But we’ll be charitable and assume that it all springs from their misguided acceptance of the bogus axiom that a Palestinian state had existed from time immemorial and that it was cruelly overrun in an act of unprovoked aggression by Israel on June 5, 1967.

Hundreds riot throughout West Bank after Friday prayers

Four Palestinians lightly injured in various clashes with security forces; Temple Mount prayers end without incident

By Itamar Sharon and AFP
The Times of Israel
November 21, 2014

ImageSeveral riots were reported throughout the West Bank Friday afternoon following weekly sermons.

Around 350 Palestinians demonstrated in Hebron, Israel Radio reported. Rioters were hurling rocks and Molotov cocktails at police, who were responding with non-lethal means to disperse the protesters.

Another hundred people were demonstrating and assaulting security forces near Nablus, where soldiers were using rubber bullets and other means to quell the mob. Three Palestinians were lightly injured there and evacuated to hospital in Nablus.

In Kalandiya, north of Jerusalem, several dozen Palestinians were rioting. One man was said lightly injured by a rubber bullet fired by security forces.

Small riots of several dozen protesters were also reported in two locations near Ramallah and another near Qalqilya.

Responding to the Slaughter

By Caroline B. Glick
Jewish World Review
November 21, 2014

ImageA blood-stained prayer book lies on the floor at Jerusalem's Kehillas Yaakov yeshiva and synagogue complex.

What we are seeing in Jerusalem today is not simply Palestinian terrorism. It is Islamic jihad. No one likes to admit it. The television reporters insist that this is the worst possible scenario because there is no way to placate it.

There is no way to reason with it.

So what else is new?

The horrible truth is that all of the anti-Jewish slaughters perpetrated by our Arab neighbors have been motivated to greater or lesser degrees by Islamic Jew hatred. The only difference between the past hundred years and now is that today our appeasement-oriented elite are finding it harder to pretend away the obvious fact that we cannot placate our enemies.

No "provocation" by Jews drove two Jerusalem Arabs to pick up meat cleavers and a rifle and slaughter rabbis in worship like sheep and then mutilate their bodies.

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